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Free Dress Patterns | The Sorbetto Summer Dress

free dress patterns

Free Dress Patterns For The Spring & Summer Months

Hello Everyone,

During the spring and summer months, I begin looking for free dress patterns to sew.  I wanted to sew a summer dress to add to my wardrobe for the hot southern heat here in Louisiana. I came across this FREE Summer Dress Pattern and immediately jumped on it! This dress is easy to sew and takes less than 3 hours to create!

Here are the Results!

free dress patterns

I as so in love with this dress!

When creating this dress for the summer weather seek fabric in a lightweight cotton material.  This dress can also be made with fabric with 2 to 3 percent spandex material for comfort and fit. If you are using woven fabric with no stretch go up one size greater than the pattern measurement for extra ease in the garment.


Pattern Review:

Was the pattern easy to sew?  Yes, It is perfect for beginners and should take less than 2 hours to make.

What did you like or dislike about the pattern?  I love the finished product! Overall the instructions are easy to follow. Rated “Very Easy”.

Fabric Used: Batik

Would you sew it again? Yes, I am considering making the shirt.


About The Pattern:

The Sorbetto Dress is a pattern hack which is from the Colette Patterns tank top.  The pattern can be downloaded online. All you have to do is follow the easy to follow directions for the Sorbetto Dress

Supplies Needed…..

  • The free Sorbetto pattern
  • Hip curve
  • French curve
  • A ruler
  • Pattern paper
  • A sharp pencil
  • Tape

free dress patterns

For the full sewing tutorial, visit  Make a Summer Sorbetto Dress

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Have you completed this sewing project? Are you considering creating this dress? Would you like to share your completed Sorbetto dress? Have any questions?

Please share your thoughts or post your completed project in the comments section.


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