Fall Wardrobe Inspiration 2017 | Sew and Tell - Innovative Sewing

Fall Wardrobe Inspiration 2017 | Sew and Tell

By Ellisha / December 19, 2019
fall wardrobe inspiration

Fall  Wardrobe Inspiration

Building my perfect wardrobe collection has been well overdue. I am so excited and ready to start creating a wardrobe that will fit my figure and compliment my style!

The first item of my wardrobe building collection for the fall season is the Catarina Dress by Seamwork Patterns! Furthermore, the pattern is very simple and quick to create plus it requires very little alterations and adjustments. Also, using a silk or rayon fabric will make the dress figure flattering similar to the photo below.




Garment Sewing Supplies List

Charmeuse, satin, or  rayon fabric

Lingerie strap slides and rings

Lightweight clear elastic

Contrasting or matching thread

Sewing Machine Kit


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