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Free Dress Patterns | The Sorbetto Summer Dress

By Ellisha / August 5, 2019

Free Dress Patterns For The Spring & Summer Months Hello Everyone, During the spring and summer months, I begin looking for free dress patterns to sew.  I wanted to sew a summer dress to add to my wardrobe for the hot southern heat here in Louisiana. I came across this FREE Summer Dress Pattern and immediately […]


July Inspirations: Seamwork Sorbetto Dress

By Ellisha / July 14, 2019

For my next sewing project, I am considering making the Sorbetto Dress for this months hot summer weather here in New Orleans.  Most of all, it can easily be created with lightweight fabric for the summer or medium weight fabric for the winter.     The dress is drafted from the Sorbortto Blouse Pattern with  easy […]


Easy Lined Tote Bag | How To Sew Tutorial

By Ellisha / February 23, 2019

Easy Lined Tote Bag I came across this tote bag tutorial at Bijou Lovely website and instantly fell in love with it!  It is the a great size to carry my belongings when I am on the go plus she gives easy to follow step by step instructions. Whether you need a tote bag that is stylish, […]


Sewing Tutorial | How To Sew A Yoga Mat Tote Bag

By Ellisha / February 22, 2019

When I created this yoga mat tote I wanted something functional and will look stylish with my everyday lifestyle. A yoga mat tote is a simple easy diy project that will take less than one day to make if you have a little experience with a sewing machine. If you are not very experience with […]


Sewing Tutorial | How To Sew A Tote Bag or Handbag Pocket

By Ellisha / February 22, 2019

Jazz up a boring tote bag with a front, back or inside pockets! You can add one simple pocket for storage or add a few pockets to store various items. A tote or handbag pocket is a quick and simple project to create in no time! Instructions: 1. Measure with a ruler and mark on the wrong […]


Sewing Tutorial | How To Sew An Iron Board Cover

By Ellisha / February 21, 2019

While looking through my stash of fabric one day, I realized that I had several yards of heavy weight striped fabric that will make perfect use for a home decor project. My iron board cover was in need of a complete makeover since it was looking a bit shabby. Yes, I could have replaced the shabby […]


10 Sewing Tips You Can Use Today

By admin / February 19, 2019

Ellen March presents ten expert sewing tips that you may not already know. See what techniques she demonstrates that you will find useful. Learn new sewing tips and see what other experts in sewing are doing to create professional pieces.


Bias Binding Tutorial | Traditional Topstitch & French Methods

By Ellisha / September 24, 2017

Bias Binding Tutorial Made-By-Rae gives an easy to learn bias binding tutorial which can be done 3 ways on your favorite shirts. Furthermore, they can simply be sewn by either using the traditional, topstitch and French methods. Also, these methods can be used on your favorite sewing patterns! Materials Needed Bias Binding Dressmaker’s Ruler Bias […]


Shorten Pants | Hem Jeans or Pants Without Cutting

By Ellisha / September 20, 2017

Shorten Pants We all want pants or jeans fit perfectly around the hips. However, in some cases, the length is too long.  When your pants or jeans are cut, sewn and shortened it does not look quite the same as the original hem.  Don’t worry,  there is a quick effective way to keep the original […]