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Catarina Dress

Catarina Dress a Seamwork Pattern | Dressmaker’s Blog

Catarina Dress a Seamwork Pattern

I’m just a dressmaker who is building her wardrobe.


Seamwork Patterns


Catarina dress


I needed the perfect dress to add to my wardrobe!


Catarina dress

Therefore, I created a copy of the dress to make sure my dress fit when sewn with the fashion fabric.

Catarina dress

My Completed Catarina Dress!

Finally, the dress is complete, is quite comfortable, and easy to make. The fabric is a breathable polyester blend and wears quite nicely. Also, it can be dressed as an evening or daytime garment.

I highly recommend going up a size on the dress pattern before cutting and sewing. Since you will want a little wiggle room when dressing and undressing yourself. If not the dress maybe difficult to take off.

That’s about it for today!

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