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Catarina Dress a Seamwork Pattern | Dressmaker’s Blog

By Ellisha / October 19, 2017

Catarina Dress a Seamwork Pattern I’m just a dressmaker who is building her wardrobe.       I needed the perfect dress to add to my wardrobe!   Therefore, I created a copy of the dress to make sure my dress fit when sewn with the fashion fabric. My Completed Catarina Dress! Finally, the dress […]


Muslin Dressmaking Project | The Catarina Dress

By Ellisha / September 29, 2017

Muslin Dressmaking Project Finally, I’ve completed my muslin dressmaking project for the Catarina Dress! The purpose of a muslin is to check for proper fit before sewing your final garment using fashion fabric. Well, my muslin fits perfectly! Now, it’s time to cut and sew the fashion fabric! I am aiming to be done by […]


Altering Patterns | Skirt & Bodice Sloper Wardrobe Building

By Ellisha / September 28, 2017

Altering Patterns I’ve finally completed my bodice and skirt sloper! Altering patterns of my upcoming sewing projects is the next step to building my wardrobe.   What’s important to me is creating a wardrobe that fits my body type. I want more than a cute outfit or something that is comfortable to wear. Furthermore , […]


Skirt Sloper | Finished Sewing Project – Dressmaker Blog

By Ellisha / September 25, 2017

Skirt Sloper I’ve finally finished my skirt sloper and I am ready to start building my wardrobe! There was only one alteration that need to be done. Which was to lengthen the back of the of the skirt pattern to level the hem of the skirt. This is partly due to my derrière hiking up […]


Bias Binding Tutorial | Traditional Topstitch & French Methods

By Ellisha / September 24, 2017

Bias Binding Tutorial Made-By-Rae gives an easy to learn bias binding tutorial which can be done 3 ways on your favorite shirts. Furthermore, they can simply be sewn by either using the traditional, topstitch and French methods. Also, these methods can be used on your favorite sewing patterns! Materials Needed Bias Binding Dressmaker’s Ruler Bias […]


Bodice Sloper Round 2 | The Dressmaking Blogger

By Ellisha / September 21, 2017

Bodice Sloper Round 2 Finally, I’ve completed my bodice sloper round 2 and I love the way it fits! The bodice has the right amount of ease since I will be using it to sew with woven fabrics. The sleeves fit comfortably whereas bodice round 1 sleeves was tight and a little uncomfortable. The only […]


Shorten Pants | Hem Jeans or Pants Without Cutting

By Ellisha / September 20, 2017

Shorten Pants We all want pants or jeans fit perfectly around the hips. However, in some cases, the length is too long.  When your pants or jeans are cut, sewn and shortened it does not look quite the same as the original hem.  Don’t worry,  there is a quick effective way to keep the original […]


Bodice Sloper Round 1 | Dressmaker Blog

By Ellisha / September 16, 2017

Bodice Sloper I have been working on my bodice sloper creating the proper alterations to match my body blue print. Creating a sloper that matches my body silhouette will give me the perfect fit when sewing, drafting or designing future garment projects. Therefore, the bodice I will be using for my sewing projects is by […]


Dressmaker Blog | My Sewing Projects & Wardrobe

By Ellisha / September 12, 2017

Dressmaker Blog | My Sewing Projects & Wardrobe Welcome to my dressmaker blog! As a dressmaker, I have a deep love for sewing and creating fun and beautiful things to wear! Furthermore, I am a novice at garment construction. Also, I enjoy building a well-fitted wardrobe for all seasons! This video is about who I […]


Fall Wardrobe Inspiration 2017 | Sew and Tell

By Ellisha / September 6, 2017

Fall  Wardrobe Inspiration Building my perfect wardrobe collection has been well overdue. I am so excited and ready to start creating a wardrobe that will fit my figure and compliment my style! The first item of my wardrobe building collection for the fall season is the Catarina Dress by Seamwork Patterns! Furthermore, the pattern is very simple […]

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